Hands-on with GTA Online from IGN

IGN has posted two seperate hands-on articles for GTA V and GTA Online. The link below will take you to the Online portion.



Xbox One releases November 22nd in 13 markets

Here it is! November 22nd is Xbox one release date. Exactly 1 week after PS4 and 1 week before black friday. This is also the anniversary of the Xbox 360 release which was November 22nd 2005. There you have it, straight from the Major Nelson blog. Link to his blog is below.

@majornelson: Xbox One to Launch on November 22, 2013 in 13 Markets http://t.co/wCHadqHNpy
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Xbox One release date later today: Rumor

vg247 reports that the Xbox One release date will be later today according to retailer GAME. Now this is only a rumor as Microsoft has yet to confirm this. It looks as if they are shooting for late November release, which debunks the previous November 8th rumors. Link to full article below.


Why this so-called “console war” is really just preference

Most of us in the gamer world witnessed Microsoft ultimately fail at its pitch of an all digital, always connected future at E3 with their new flagship console, the Xbox One. Some took to the internet to complain and give their opinion on how Microsoft is stupid, out of touch with its fan base, money-hungry A-holes, and whatever else you can say when you are faceless and you think someone is listening. Since then, all of the policies have been reversed and it now has the same ecosystem as the Xbox 360. You got what you wanted you animals.

The hatred has since continued with massive amounts of irrational morons flocking to get their two-cents in on the interwebs. “Micosoft is having production problems and won’t launch on time.” “Playstation 4 pre-orders are up 5:1 on Xbox One.”I don’t want Kinect watching me masterbate to clown porn!” “PSN is better than Xbox Live!”

For some, this is just a matter of preference, since you will now be paying for your precious PSN. Sony will now have the funds to significantly overhaul its (totally inferior) network. Yes, I said inferior. Any sane and knowledgeable gamer (or smart person) knows that network will fail if it stays free. As a fan of all things video games, and a writer, I refuse to be biased or pick sides (I do prefer offset thumbsticks on my controller) regardless of my preference.  However, I will absolutely defend the guys taking the punches when they are are being thrown by small-minded idiots.

I love Sony, Microsoft, and the many publishers and developers that bring these incredible characters and worlds to life for us to enjoy. That is what its about. That is all it should ever be about. Support what you love to do. Support the people who have a passion and work hard to deliver a unique experience for us to enjoy. All the  bickering just undermines the hard people put into these things.

Part of our culture is always having a choice. We have the choice to not buy shit we don’t want. I don’t go to the store, buy some Cheerios, go home and eat them, then jump on the internet and say, “Cheerios you are fucking stupid for making Chocolate Cheerios!” “The regular Cheerios are all everybody wants!” “Fuck you Cheerios for trying to change shit”! This is ridiculous, and a reality.

Both consoles are different enough this generation that both will offer a different experience. Its up to you to decide which one is for you. Both have pros and cons. Both have amazing hardware under the hood and with their respective cloud services they will be able to push even farther (Sony will have their cloud running sometime in 2014). It doesn’t mean that one of them is fucking Satan!

GTA V official trailer


Here is the brand new trailer that will air Sunday during Breaking Bad. This is gonna be a huge one for Rockstar. They took all the seriousness that was GTA IV and got rid of it. All the fun stuff is back I know everyone is just as excited as me. Link to the video below courtesy of IGN. Let me know what you think about GTA V so far with the information we have.


Gamescom updates…

So, Fifa is bundled with UK Xbox One pre-orders, Sony has a massive overhaul of its online infrastructure, and Elder Scrolls Online has a 15 dollar monthly premium. I’m still waiting on good news.

I won’t spend too much time whining about what I didn’t get to hear about (Xbox One release date), but I will cringe at some of what I’ve heard. Elder Scrolls is gonna have a monthly premium. That is depressing. I game on consoles to avoid crap like this. I pay 60 bucks up front for the game, only to continue to pay 1/4 of that every month just to play it. That is pushing it pal. You can count me out. Keep your DLC, your “persistent world”, and your greed. I’ve never played WOW, or any game with a premium, and I play everything except for PC MMO’s. These companies exist to make money, so I can only not support their product, and that is what I intend to do. I’m not gonna scream at Bethesda until they change it back, nor am I gonna jump on a forum and express my hatred for a monthly premium business model. I’m simply not gonna buy that game.

Next topic, GTA 5. After hearing about the premium for Elder Scrolls, I am starting to wonder if Rockstar would take that route for its GTA Online. They are treating it as a seperate entity, so they could do it. It is a persistent and evolving world, which means content will be added frequently. I really hope it doesn’t happen because I’ve never been this excited about a GTA, ever! I will pay for DLC, but not a premium. Games are not a service. Its ridiculous to even think that it is. I can go forever on this, but I’m done for now.

Next topic, The fact that Sony continues to try to take shots at Microsoft for its initial message back at E3 is a bit childish if you ask me. Microsoft fully excepts responsibility for not being “clear” with its message. Back off Sony. Let the best console make more money. If Microsoft was as petty as you and your fans they would just make fun of your system being hacked, or make fun of you for borrowing every good idea from them (internet tv, online infrastructure). Its fun playing catch-up Sony, isnt it?

PlayStation 4 release date is November 15th for Americans, and November 29th for the Europeans. This will be my second console, as I prefer the Xbox controller. I have a hard time finishing PS games due to controller issues.

Last topic, Sony fanboys. Are all of you permanently 14 years old? Do any of you take the time to think before you speak? Do you honestly think Sony is your best friend? Why do I see all of you on Xbox articles and forums instead of Sony? FYI I’m a “games” fanboy, this isn’t politics, they don’t have different idealology. They want you (consumer) to buy their shit. Period. That is all you are to them.